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Selected countries purchase of agricultural subsidies catalog

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  2012 - - 2014 I selected state purchase of agricultural subsidies catalog and new Provincial purchase of agricultural subsidies in the catalog Total 26 kinds of (hand: 111 miles bovine type, type 121 thousand cattle, cattle 151-1 type Trinidad, Trinidad cattle 151 -2; wheel tractor: 324 miles bovine type, type 554 thousand cattle, 650 thousand cattle, 654 thousand cattle type, Trinidad bovine type 800B, 804B-type cattle Trinidad, Trinidad bovine type 850B, 804B-type cattle Trinidad, Trinidad cattle 850 , Trinidad cattle 854 type, Trinidad cattle 900, Trinidad cattle 904, Trinidad cattle 950, Trinidad cattle 954 type, Trinidad cattle 1000, Trinidad cattle 1004 type, Trinidad cattle 1100, Trinidad cattle 1104 type, Trinidad cattle 1254 type , Trinidad bovine type 1454; Shi farming machines: 1GS9L-100 type, 1GS9L-120 type; Cultivator: 1GZ6 type)

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