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Farm machinery bear "Pong" Power Machinery

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  Early in the founding of new China, our country is widely developed a number of new animal-drawn farm machinery, such as early seeders, harvesters. The late 1950s, China began to build tractors and related farm machinery manufacturing industry, farm machinery continues to this day as the status of tractors and other power equipment products supporting. With the country to promote the purchase of agricultural subsidies, and further accelerate the process of China's agricultural mechanization, the entire agricultural industry has entered an unprecedented good period. Farm machinery industry level are also constantly upgrading.

  Previously, in the agricultural market often we see a kind of scene: friends of farmers after purchasing power machinery such as tractors, farm machinery purchase package according to the size of the tractor horsepower, which is a conventional farm machinery powered machinery ancillary products in miniature. Factor because farmers to buy farm machinery and implements purchased are considered different. Shandong Dahua Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as UOB) now Zhong Zhu, general manager of the view that farmers in the purchase of tractors, often the brand is the first, and in the choice of farm machinery, the price is the first factor they consider. This phenomenon is a direct result of the machinery manufacturing enterprises, especially in some low-tech businesses, the price war, which causes the entire farm machinery production industry, unable to focus on the quality and technology upgrading, not only affect the level of farmers' work, but also a serious It restricted the rapid development of agricultural machinery industry.

  In recent years, the Ministry of Agriculture and vigorously promote agricultural and agronomic integration, especially since focused on promoting conservation tillage and subsoiling technology, along with increasing agricultural power, increasing operating strength, durability farm machinery should also improve in time, which requirements farm machinery from the original accessories, to become independent and tractors and other power machinery design units in parallel, the status of farm machinery manufacturers will also be increased accordingly.

  According to incomplete statistics, in 2011 China's agricultural enterprises reached more than 3,000, but the total sales may not be as a foreign agricultural giant in the production of farm machinery enterprises, this phenomenon is more serious, a lot of capital to see the profitable production of farm machinery FIG, have entered the production sequence, but the actual product quality can not be guaranteed. Now Zhong Zhu said: "Some small farm machinery manufacturers for its low-cost, low-tech products hit the market, the price war, seriously disrupting the market and the current tools of the patent protection system is not perfect, we have long-term high. the amount of investment in research and development of new products, once listed, it was immediately imitated, which seriously affected the company's research and innovation initiative. "

  Meanwhile, in mature foreign agricultural machinery industry has formed a machinery parts - farm machinery - Harvesting Equipment - Power Machinery and other specialized manufacturing chain. And China's current agricultural machinery industry is a bit confusing, farm machinery manufacturers hope can be used as agricultural department leader, guide agricultural producers formed a professional division of labor, a virtuous cycle manufacturing chain mode of production, the establishment of farm machinery manufacturing industry standards, so whole farm machinery industry can step into the track of healthy development.

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