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Status Survey Report tractor

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  Tractor as advanced production tools play an important role in improving agricultural productivity, improving their living standards and so on. Meanwhile, the tractor as a production tool, also related to the safety of agricultural production, energy consumption, rural environmental protection and other aspects. Situation conduct research on the use of tractors, a comprehensive understanding of the basic situation of the city of Tractor, Tractor analysis of problems in the process, for better play tractors advanced production tools, and improve agricultural productivity, promote the city's agriculture and rural development is of great significance . Therefore, we organize the city's agricultural system managers carry out an investigation into the use of the tractor, the formation of the following research report.

  First, the current situation with basic tractor Yantai

  1. Basic information type tractor. By the end of 2010, the city has various types of tractors 261,224 units, of which large and medium tractors 23655 units, accounting for 9.1% ownership, small tractors 55137 units, accounting for 21.1% ownership, tractor 182,432 units, accounting for 69.8 holdings %. From the type point of view, the city's main tractor to tractor, which is more hilly city, land fragmentation is not conducive to large-scale agricultural operations related.

  2. Tractor basic life situation. According to the survey, the current city life to be scrapped (15 years and medium-sized tractors, small, tractor 10 years) tractors have 100,831 units, accounting for 38.6% of the city total. The useful life of the tractor in less than 5 years totaled 81,607 units, accounting for 31.2% of the city total. From the analysis of the situation, Yantai tractor aging more serious, only to reach retirement age accounted for one third of the city's total, while one third of the useful life of less than 5 years total. Tractor unit low proportion and high proportion of scrap machines, the irrational structure of the city is to use the tractor a prominent feature of the status quo.

  3. Tractor nature of the basic situation. According to survey data from the use of nature, the city pure agricultural operations tractors number of 225,189 units, accounting for 86.2% of the total, pure transport tractors to 9085 units, accounting for 3.5% of the total, agricultural operations, transportation, two dual-purpose tractor is 26950 units, accounting for 10.3% of the total. From the results of the analysis can be concluded that the vast majority of the city is a pure tractor type agricultural operations, agricultural operations is its main purpose. This indicates that the current tractor has been weakened in the past property of means of transport, return the property in agricultural production tools. This requires us when formulating policy must start from that premise.

  Second, the process of using tractors Problems

  1. Tractor aging serious. Since the state policies and regulations scrapped tractor imperfect, there is no mechanism to force and encourage the formation of scrap tractors, farmers take the initiative to scrap awareness is not strong, the enthusiasm is not high, resulting in extended reach retirement age of tractor use is serious. According to the foregoing analysis of the useful life of the tractor, the city a total of 100,831 tractors reached retirement age, accounting for one third of the city's total. Tractors extended service, because of its safety technology in poor condition, less than listed, inspection standards, severely hampering the city's agricultural listed rate, annual rate. At the same time, it should be scrapped tractors extended service, leading to tractor safety, economic performance, environmental deterioration, resulting in an increase in tractor energy consumption, serious environmental pollution, increase operating costs and a serious security risk. This major strategic decisions and production safety and the State Council, the construction of a resource-saving and environment-friendly society, energy conservation policy is contrary.

  2. tractor utilization is not high. As the city is not high degree of intensification of land, agricultural production and scattered, as an essential tool for the production of agricultural tractors almost everyone has a rural, popularity is very high. And with the development of rural economy and three-wheeled vehicles and low-speed trucks (commonly known as agricultural vehicles) popularity in fewer tractor transport operations. According to the survey, the city engaged in transport operations alone tractor only 3.5% of all holdings. Currently the city accounted for most type of agricultural tractors, as well as some in the agricultural-based, dual-purpose transport. Due mostly engaged in agricultural operations, the city's only tractor in "three summer", "Sanqiu" and other busy season in farming, harvesting operations, which focus on the use of time is generally a month or so, the rest of the time except for the occasional pouring, to fight drugs generally parked in the homes of peasants, it is idle. On the one hand tractors quantity, on the other hand use a short time, a narrow range, leading to the city tractor utilization is low.

  3. The tractor driver operator aging. At present, due mostly young rural migrant workers, tractor driver operator mostly in the elderly. According to the city's agricultural supervision staff survey, tractor driver operator age 60 or older accounted for 20%, 50 to 60 years accounted for about 30%, 40 to 50 years accounted for about 25%, about 40 years of age 25%. Thus, the city tractor driver to middle-aged-based, and there are many more than 60 years old, over the legal driving age, driver's aging very serious problem. Driving operator aging, due to physiological conditions, making it difficult to accept the new knowledge of agricultural operations and production safety skills, not only affects the efficiency of agricultural operations and rural development of the productive forces, but also to bring agricultural production safety accidents .

  4. The tractor poor safety and technical conditions. Tractors more exercise in rural roads and field operations, and its access roads and relatively harsh operating environment, a lot of wear and tear on the tractor. And farmers purchase tractors, lack of necessary maintenance of knowledge, do not know how to do the technical maintenance of the tractor, and some even simply just do not care to use, it also accelerates the wear of the tractor, the tractor causes frequent failures. At the same time due to the repair of tractors points less rural, poor equipment maintenance technology, low quality of personnel, damage is difficult to repair the tractor in place. These factors have led to the technical condition of the tractor with the increase in the use of time and worse, it will affect the life of a tractor, is not conducive to safe operation.

  5. The number of tractors changes fast, easy data statistics. Especially small tractor, the tractor is relatively cheap, the sales lot. We understand from agricultural trader at only a walking tractor sales Penglai township farm machinery dealership as high as 2,000. And the case of tractors sold or abandoned, also relatively high among farmers. Since the farmers know and supervision is not in place, many new tractor purchase or transfer of the supervision department for registration not yet reached, resulting in the agricultural sector is difficult to grasp the specific number of the tractor. Meanwhile, the township and village grassroots agricultural management is weak, the number of tractors in the agricultural sector statistical reports only reported to the township level. And township level due to the small farm management, a small number of tractors each village and household survey in detail, by way of multi estimated payable, seriously affected the statistical accuracy of the number of tractors. Due to the lack of specific standard tractor cancellation scrapped, leading to agricultural statistics annual report, a considerable part is to be scrapped, perennial dormant tractor, which greatly affect the accuracy of the data.

  6. The tractor fuel subsidy mechanism unreasonable, increased operating costs. According to "Agricultural Mechanization Promotion Law" stipulates that agricultural machinery fuel subsidies should be paid directly engaged in agricultural machinery to farmers and agricultural production and operation organizations. However, the current agricultural fuel subsidies in accordance with the area sown to wheat subsidies to farmers, rather than direct subsidies to agricultural operations and services in the agricultural service organizations or agricultural households, which is obviously unreasonable. On the one hand, should have been exempt from road maintenance tractor now has an additional fuel tax expenditure, increasing the burden on farmers; on the other hand, wheat and other grain production is only one aspect of agricultural production, other economic crops, fruit production was a fundamental aspect of less affordable fuel subsidy policy. Fisheries subsidies with respect to oil, the lowest operating efficiency of agricultural households not only do not enjoy national preferential policies, but also increases the cost of disguise, which farmers great views, to a certain extent, affected the farmers purchase and use of tractors and Accessory Tools enthusiasm.

  7. Tractor pay high insurance requirement is unreasonable. Since 2007 tractor accident liability compulsory insurance (hereinafter referred to Traffic Insurance) since the implementation of the city and the province, like other cities, has been carried out poorly. The main reason is to pay compulsory insurance requirement is unreasonable tractor. First, the scope is too narrow to pay high insurance applies. Tractor pay high insurance applies only to road traffic accidents, accidents will exclude agricultural operations, and the current tractor use is the most important agricultural operations, causing the tractor driver willing to participate in insurance. Second, the tractor lower pay high insurance premiums, the higher the sum insured, payment rate, the insurance companies are reluctant to apply. Third, the agricultural sector and the lack of compulsory insurance means of punishment. Meanwhile, according to the law, to pay compulsory insurance is handled tractor registration and inspection of pre-conditions, are not allowed to not apply for registration and inspection. Thus severely restricted the rate listed on the tractor, the annual rate of increase, leading to a tractor without a license to exercise, not to participate in the annual occurrence of violations, serious threat to rural road safety.

  8, tractor listing accreditation fees are too high. Under the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance, the Provincial Price Bureau and the Department of Finance, tractor listing costs 215 yuan, 610 yuan processing fees, a total of 825 yuan. Tractor general price of 3,000 yuan, while the cost of listing and permit up to 825 yuan, accounting for 27.5% of the price. So that drivers can not accept, dampened the enthusiasm of its listing accreditation, which restricts the listed rate, the rate of increase holder.

  9. tractor safety supervision exist "blind spot", illegal tractor frequent. Under the "Road Traffic Safety Law," the tractor and farm safety management by the co-management of public security. Its agricultural sector is responsible for the tractor driver were registration, inspection and issuance of driver's license to work, police responsible for the safety regulation on the road tractor, agricultural sector and no enforcement power on the road. However, in practice, due to the lack of necessary joint enforcement mechanism between agricultural, public security departments on the case when the tractor safety management in place have occurred. From the city situation, tractors and more on the county road, facing the road tractor and unlicensed people driving without a license, the agricultural sector because there is no enforcement power on the road and not entitled to possession, police departments because of the shortage of policemen and inability tube, causing the tractor appears regulatory "blind spot" on the part of the county and township roads. Meanwhile, the city's agricultural sector due to shortage of safety supervision mechanism prevailing current funding, lack of staff, the team aging, poorly equipped and other issues, restricted the tractor to carry out safety supervision, thus resulting in the city tractor unlicensed driving, driving without a license people driving, it has occurred not participate in the annual inspection, illegal manned and other illegal phenomena. According to the survey, the city registered tractors only 50%, still nearly half of the tractor in Wupaiwuzheng illegal exercise of state work safety to the city a huge risk, a serious threat to the lives and property of farmers and social harmony and stability in rural areas.

  Third, to strengthen the use of tractors and management measures and recommendations

  1. The law rationalize fuel subsidy mechanism. Recommendation According to the "Agricultural Mechanization Promotion Law", improve the existing agricultural fuel subsidies as soon as possible. Referring to the current fishing fuel subsidies, tractor fuel subsidies implemented by force, so that the tractor owners benefit directly. Meanwhile, in view of rising fuel prices in the current situation, to further improve the tractor fuel subsidy standards, both to reduce the burden on farmers, but also conducive to the protection, mobility using tractors and related machinery enthusiasm, drive to promote the application of advanced agricultural equipment and improve agricultural equipment structure, and promote the continuous improvement of agricultural productivity, to ensure sustained and stable development of the city's food security and agriculture and rural areas.

  2. Establish tractor retirement system. Reached the retirement age for a large number of tractors questions, suggestions tractor scrapped as soon as possible ways to take effective measures to scrap mandatory retirement tractor. Car insurance premium subsidies can refer to the current implementation of the subsidy to be scrapped tractors, agricultural tractors production work considered property, compensation should be higher than the magnitude of their cars scrapped subsidies to encourage and attract farmers initiative scrapped. Scrapped tractors to be recovered disassembled in order to completely eliminate accidents, to prevent accidents. Meanwhile, the agricultural sector should be scrapped according to the tractor, and adjust tractor ownership statistics, to ensure true and accurate data.

  3. Amendment tractor insurance schemes as soon as possible. It recommended the development of agricultural machinery insurance, insurance coverage both in road traffic accidents, including agricultural operations accidents. In the operation, the proposed agricultural insurance does not work as farm registration and inspection of pre-conditions, without forcing the handle, and the use of agricultural insurance business model to include insurance policy, make full use of national agricultural policy, and actively guide the driver farm insured. Both to reduce the burden on farmers and protect their vital interests, but also conducive to the timely and proper handling farm machinery accidents, maintain harmony and stability in rural areas. At the same time, it is recommended before the new insurance scheme introduced tractor, tractor suspend existing pay high insurance approach.

  4. The establishment of agricultural machinery and insurance supervision fee subsidy system. To reduce the small, micro enterprises' burden, this year, the Ministry of Finance and the National Development and Reform Commission issued "on the part of small and micro enterprises exempt from administrative fees," which provides for small and micro enterprises free of charge Safety Supervision Used (specifically including listing, accreditation, inspection costs), and the provisions of the costs from the financial burden. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Agriculture has issued "on the implementation of small and micro enterprises AMSS waive fees notice" to further encourage farmers around for supervision fees waived or agricultural insurance, supervision fees to give financial subsidies. To this end, the response to national policy and reduce the burden on farmers point of view, it is recommended to develop the city's insurance and agricultural machinery supervision fee subsidy system for farmers to handle insurance and tractors listing, Rush, give all or part of the annual subsidy, which not only reduces the farmers' burden, but also conducive to carry out agricultural work safety supervision.

  5. rationalize agricultural production safety regulators. First, we must strengthen the construction of agricultural county safety supervision mechanism, to change it to the civil service law management institutions. Strengthen supervision of law enforcement teams and equipment, improve the capacity of public services at the county level agricultural safety supervision agencies. The second is the establishment of agricultural safety coordinators in towns and villages. Tractors management focus, difficulty in towns, rural areas and therefore strengthen the township, a village agricultural safety management strength to do agricultural safety supervision is an important part. View of the current weak grassroots agricultural safety supervision issues, the establishment of agricultural safety coordinators is a priority. Used farm machinery safe overseeing safety coordinators shall be vested in the unified management mechanism, in order to carry out the work. Third, the establishment of agricultural, public security and traffic police joint enforcement mechanism. Since the agricultural sector is no enforcement power on the road, safety supervision tractor agricultural sector alone single-handedly difficult to do, establishment of agricultural, public security joint law enforcement system, which can effectively solve this problem, in order to effectively eliminate tractor safety regulatory "blind spot" to ensure that rural traffic safety.

  6. Strengthening of the tractor driver education and training of operating personnel. Tractor operator driving skills is a key factor in the impact of the use of the tractor, the tractor use is directly related to the effectiveness of play. Without a high level of technique the driver has to drive operating tractors and related equipment, tractor performance even better, its use of performance can not be fully realized, or even damage to the tractor performance. Therefore, strengthening the education and training of tractor drivers operating personnel is essential. It recommended that the tractor driver training and the current countries of the "Sunshine Project", "rural labor employment training project" combine the implementation of the training fee subsidies, reducing machine hand burden and improve machine hand training research enthusiasm and initiative. Meanwhile, the full use of the Internet, television, SMS, rural radio, promotional vehicles, banners, to understand the paper, leaflets and other forms loved by the masses to carry, easy to understand safety publicity, and continuously improve safety awareness of people and agricultural hand, law-abiding compliance awareness and self-protection.

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